Scaling and configuring publishing

Current version: 9.0

You publish content from the Master database to one or more target databases. For example, you publish to the Web database to make content available to the Content Delivery role that serves your website. You can also create custom publishing targets such as a preview target for a pre-production environment.

For more information about the publishing process, refer to:

You can choose between the default Content Management publishing mechanism and the optional Content Publishing service. For both of them you have several scaling and configuring options.

Scaling the publishing process

If the publishing process becomes too slow, you have several options for improving performance:

  • Keep the deep scan setting disabled. When you publish a content item you can choose to publish related items at the same time. With the deep scan setting enabled, you can choose to additionally publish related items of related items. This is called recursive publishing, and it can be resource intensive.


    The deep scan setting only affects the Content Management publishing mechanism.

  • Publish to multiple Web databases with the help of replication. Instead of publishing your content directly to all your Web databases, you publish to just one and replicate it using Azure active geo-replication.

  • Clean up the event queue and the publishing queue by hand or automatically to prevent them from growing too large.

  • Limit the size of the IDTable cache.

  • Switch from the Content Management publishing mechanism to the standalone Content Publishing service role for high scale installations. This role improves performance by publishing in batches, and it is not included in Sitecore by default. Refer to the Sitecore downloads site for documentation.

  • Preventing degradation of the Content Delivery performance.

Configuring the publishing process

You must manually configure some aspects of the publishing process:

  • The publishing process clears the HTML renderings cache for the default website in your Sitecore installation, but you must enable clearing of the HTML renderings cache for all new websites you add.


    You must enable clearing of the HTML renderings cache to avoid presenting outdated content.

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