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Add a user to a role


How to add or remove users from roles to make sure that their access rights reflects their area of responsibility.

When a Sitecore user's area of responsibility changes, the roles that the user is a member of must also reflect that change. To do this, you must make the user a member of a different and more relevant role or roles and remove the user from the role that they should no longer be a member of.

To add or remove a user from a role:

  1. Open the User Manager, click the relevant user, and then click Edit.

  2. To add or remove a user from a role, in the Edit User dialog box, on the Member Of tab, click Edit.

  3. In the Edit User Roles dialog box, in the Available Roles section, select the roles that you want to make the user a member of and then click Add.

    • You can press




      to select several roles.

    • You can double click a role to add or remove it.


    If the relevant roles are not displayed on the first page, use the navigate buttons to browse through all the roles.

  4. To revoke a user's membership of a role, in the Selected Roles section, click the relevant role and then click Remove.

  5. When all the relevant roles are selected, click OK.