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The user accounts


Overview of the Sitecore predefined user accounts and the user template fields.

Sitecore provides a number of default user accounts that you should not change. If you want to have a user with similar authority as one of the default users, then you should create a new user account rather than edit a default user account. Editing a default user account can affect other areas of the security model.

The default user accounts are:

  • sitecore\admin — a predefined administrator user.

  • sitecore\anonymous — a user who only has access to the login screen of the website. This is used for users who will go on to access the application framework section of the website.

  • sitecore\Services API — a default impersonating user role used in Sitecore.Services.Client.

  • extranet\anonymous — a user who is viewing the free to access parts of a website.

  • default\anonymous — a user who is assigned to an unauthenticated visitor who is viewing a website that does not have an assigned domain.

  • creator\owner — a virtual role that refers to the user specified in an item’s item/owner field.


    To protect your system, you must change the password of the Admin user. This should be the first change you make to your security system.

Users are the named individuals that log in to Sitecore websites.

The user account definition come from the items created with the user template, which has the following fields:

  • Administrator — if this field is selected, the user can access everything regardless of their security settings.

  • CanBoost — reserved for future use.

  • ClientLanguage — the language used in the user interface of the Sitecore client.

  • ContentLanguage — the language used in the user interface for Sitecore content.

  • Email — the user’s email address.

  • Fullname — the user’s full name.

  • Password — the user’s password, stored as a “password” field type.

  • Portrait — an icon or image that represents the user in the Sitecore menu of the Desktop.

  • RegionalIsoCode — the regional ISO code used by the user. This affects how numbers, currency, dates, and times are formatted.

  • Roles — the roles assigned to this user.

  • Start Url — the URL used for the home page of the user when they login.

  • Wallpaper — the Sitecore client’s wallpaper.