Using Solr or Azure Search

Current version: 9.3

Sitecore uses a search engine for two purposes in a standard installation:

  • Content search – this is the default search mechanism in Sitecore Experience Manager. The search engine indexes and finds content from the master, core or web databases.

  • xConnect search – the Sitecore Experience Platform uses this search. The search engine indexes and finds contacts and interactions in the Experience Database.

Sitecore supports two different search engines: Solr and Azure Search. You must consider several factors, such as the purpose of the specific environment, your scaling requirements, and the hosting environment, when you choose a search engine.

  • Solr is the default search engine for content search and xConnect search for on-premise installations.

  • Microsoft Azure Search is the default search engine for cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure PaaS, both when deployed through the default ARM templates and through Azure Marketplace. Note that Microsoft Azure Search has some limitations compared to Solr that you must evaluate for your implementation.

  • Use Solr for a scaled environment in on-premise installations, and use Solr or Azure Search in an Azure environment for a scaled environment.

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