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Work with the Form Client API


Use the Form Client API for customization.

The Form Client API is a SPEAK item that assists developers with developing customized components within the Sitecore Designer Page. The Form Client API lets you retrieve form fields from the form.

You can add the Form Client API to the layout of the Form Designer Page and to dialog boxes of the Form Designer Page ( for example, the Edit conditions dialog box).

To add the Form Client API to the layout of the Form Designer Page:

  1. Go to the Design Layout window, and click AddRendering.

  2. In the Selected Renderings dialog box, search for FormClientAPI (or navigate to sitecore/client/Applications/FormsBuilder/Components/Layouts/Renderings/Composites), click it, and click Add.

To configure the settings of the Form Client API:

  1. Go to the PageSettings of your page, right-click it and click Add, and click New Item.

  2. In the Add New Item dialog box, search for and click FormClientApi-Parameters, and then click Add.

  3. To edit the parameters, double-click the FormClientApi-Parameters item.

    Edit the FormClientApi parameters.
  4. To configure how to retrieve form fields in the Fields Accessor Option item, configure the following available settings:

    • IncludedFieldTypeIds - defines which field types will be retrieved. If you do not include a field type, fields of that field type are not returned. For example, if you do not want to retrieve any fields of type single-line text, do not select it from the tree list.

    • Format - defines the transformation of the retrieved field object. It will extract the model property of a field object and transform it to a new object according to the format defined.

      For example, properties of a field object can be: idx, itemId, model, parentId, rendering settings.

      The properties that are available in the model property are: conditionSettings, cssClass, itemId, name, and templateId.

      On the left, specify the properties that are available in the model. On the right, specify the name for the property after transformation.

      The format settings.

      For example, the returned field object based on the format:

      fieldId: <the value of itemId of the field>
      fieldName: <the value of name of the field>


      If you want to retrieve field objects with all properties, do not specify any format.

To retrieve the available form fields of a form:

  1. Go to the PageCode JavaScript file of your page, and access the Form Client API by its ID.

  2. Use the following JavaScript code to get the form fields:

    var fields = this.FormClientApi.getFields();