Apply mapping rule components

Current version: 4.0

An apply mapping rule is a component that determines whether a value mapping must be applied in a specific context.

For example, if you are mapping contact data between two systems, the target system might require an email address for the contact. If you do not provide an email address, you cannot create a contact in the target system. You use an apply mapping rule to describe this condition so data is not mapped if the contact does not have an email address.

The template for a generic apply mapping rule is located at /sitecore/templates/DataExchange/Framework/DataAccess/ApplyMappingRules/BaseTemplates/BaseApplyMappingRule.


The base apply mapping rule is not used on its own. It is used as a base template for specific types of apply mapping rules.

For information on the apply mapping rules included with the supported providers, see the following list:

When to extend an apply mapping rule

Data Exchange Framework comes with a set of standard apply mapping rules. In addition, each provider might include a set of apply mapping rules designed specifically for the system the provider integrates.

You can implement custom apply mapping rules in cases where you want to run special logic to determine if a conversion must apply a value mapping.

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