Value accessor sets

Current version: 4.0

A value accessor set is like a .NET class. Like a .NET class is a collection of related properties, a value accessor set is a collection of related value accessors. The template for the generic value accessor set is located at /sitecore/templates/DataExchange/Framework/DataAccess/ValueAccessorSets/ValueAccessorSet.


A value accessor set does not have any settings of its own to configure. To associate a value accessor with a value accessor set, add the value accessor to the set as a child element.

When to extend a value accessor set

There usually is no need to create custom value accessor sets, because a value accessor set can hold any kind of value accessors.

There are situations, however, where it can be helpful to configure a custom value accessor set that only allows one type of value accessor.

For example, if you are configuring a value accessor set that represents the different properties on a CRM contact, you might find that the value accessors you require are all of the same type. In this case, you can create a custom value accessor set that only displays value accessors of that type.

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