Mappings applied action components

Current version: 4.0

A Mappings applied action is a component that represents logic that is run after a value mapping set is applied successfully. The template for the generic mappings applied action is located at /sitecore/templates/DataExchange/Framework/DataAccess/MappingsAppliedActions/BaseTemplates/BaseMappingsAppliedAction.


The base mappings applied action is not used on its own. It is a base template for specific types of mappings applied actions.

All mappings applied actions inherit the following fields:




The Mappings applied action rule that must pass in order for the mappings applied action to run. If no mappings applied action rules are specified, the mappings applied action always runs.

For information on the mappings applied actions included with the supported providers, see the following list:

When to extend

Data Exchange Framework comes with a set of standard mappings applied actions. In addition, each provider might include a set of mappings applied actions designed specifically for the system the provider integrates.

You can implement custom mappings applied actions in cases where you need to run special logic after a value mapping set is applied successfully.

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