JSS App Configuration API

Current version: 19.x

To import a Sitecore JSS app, run it in Integrated mode, or integrate it with advanced Sitecore editors, you must configure the app in Sitecore using a standard Sitecore configuration patch.

App configuration support is supported in Sitecore by the App Configuration API provided by Sitecore Headless Services.

To configure your JSS application, add configuration patches for your JSS applications using one of the following files using the available configuration options:

  • For applications created with JSS, include the necessary <app /> configuration in the /sitecore/config directory of the application's source code.

  • In your Sitecore instance, you can rename and edit \App_Config\Sitecore\JavaScriptServices\Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.ExampleApp.config.example.

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