Remove code-first artifacts from a JSS app

Current version: 19.x

After switching to Sitecore-first development, to avoid clutter and prevent accidental deployment, we recommend that you remove code-first artifacts from your JSS app.

To remove code-first artifacts:

  1. Delete the directory /data to remove disconnected route data.

  2. Delete the directory /sitecore/definitions to remove the manifest definitions.

  3. Delete the directory /sitecore/pipelines to remove manifest pipeline patches.

  4. Delete /scripts/disconnected-mode-proxy.js, because it is not used outside Sitecore-first development.

  5. In the file package.json:

    • Remove the start script to remove the option of starting the local development server in disconnected mode.

    • Optionally, rename start:connected to start, for a shorter command.

    • Remove the script bootstrap:disconnected.


Extensively customized apps using different techniques than the standard sample apps might require additional steps depending on their customizations.

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