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Configure the Salesforce Connected App


How to configure the Salesforce Connected app in order to allow communications between the Sitecore Salesforce connector and Salesforce.

To make Salesforce Connect communicate with Salesforce, you must configure the Salesforce Connected app.


These instructions assume you are using the Salesforce Classic user interface. The same configuration is available using the Salesforce Lightning user interface. We recommend you switch to the Salesforce Classic user interface temporarily to complete these steps.

To configure the Salesforce Connected app:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account.

  2. On the top menu, click Setup.

    Setup option in the Salesforce top menu
  3. In the left menu, click Create and then click Apps.

    Apps option in the Salesforce Build - Create menu
  4. In the Connected Apps section, click New.

    New button in the Connectted Apps section of the Salesforce Build - Create - Apps option
  5. Enter the following values:

    Field name



    Connected App Name

    Sitecore Data Exchange App

    The specific value does not matter.

    API Name


    Salesforce generates this value based on the app name. It is recommended that this value not be changed.

    Contact Email

    [your email address]

    The specific value does not matter.

    Enable OAuth Settings


    Callback URL


    This value is not used, so the value you enter does not matter.

    Selected OAuth Scopes

    Access and manage your data (api)

    Require Secret for Web Server Flow


  6. At the bottom of the screen, click Save.

    Save button in the Canvas App Settings dialog
  7. Salesforce informs you that a new connected app was created. Click Continue.

    Salesforce New Connected App message