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Deploy the xConnect collection model


How to deploy an xConnect collection model in the Sitecore for Salesforce CRM connector.

Sitecore Connect adds new facets to associate information from Salesforce with Sitecore contacts and interactions. You must deploy a collection model that defines these new facets to xConnect.


For more information on how to deploy a custom collection model to xConnect, see the xConnect developer documentation.

To deploy the xConnect collection model:

  1. In Sitecore, open the Content Editor. 

  2. Navigate to sitecore/system/Settings/Data Exchange/Providers/xConnect/Collection Models/Connect for Salesforce/Connect for Salesforce Collection Model.

    Connect for Salesforce Collection Model in the content tree
  3. On the ribbon, click Convert Model to JSON.

    Convert Model to JSON button on the menu ribbon
  4. Your browser downloads a JSON file. Save this file to your local machine.

  5. Deploy the JSON file to your xConnect Collection server, in the \App_Data\Models folder.

  6. Deploy the JSON file to your xConnect indexing server. You have to copy the JSON file to two folders:

    • \App_Data\Models\

    • \App_Data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker\App_Data\Models\