Rename an item or page


Rename an item or page name for a language version.

When you create an item in Sitecore, you assign it an item name. The item name is the same for all language versions. Sitecore does not allow you to use special characters in the item name. This is because item names are used in URLs. By default, the display name and the item name are identical.

If you want to translate the name of an item or use special characters to make the name more readable, you can change the display name. If you change the display name, the change only applies to the current language. The item name is still used in URLs and in the Item path, but the display name is used by default in other contexts, for example in the content tree in Horizon.

To change the display name in Horizon:

  1. Select the language for which you want a different display name.

  2. In the content tree, click the Actions menu The Actions menu icon for the item or page you want to rename.

  3. Click Rename and then enter the name. You can use special characters in the display name.


The Rename command only changes the display name. You cannot change the item name in Horizon. The display name appears in the content tree and above the right-hand pane when the item or page is selected.