Display the average trailing engagement value for a variant


How to display the average trailing engagement value for a component's variant for a given period of time.

In the automated personalization dashboard, the Weekly average trailing engagement value per variation for selected component graph lets you display the average trailing engagement value per component and their variants for a specific week.

To view the average trailing engagement value for a component or component variant:

  1. In the Experience Optimization dashboard, in the Automated personalization tab, click the drop-down menu and then click the time period (week) for which you want to see data.

  2. In the components drop-down list, click a combination of component and data source.


    The drop-down list shows the combinations of components and data sources that were active during the selected time period.

  3. To display the trailing EV for a different auto-personalized component, change the date if needed, and then change the components selection from the dropdown.