Commerce Orders renderings

Current version: 9.0

You can add the Commerce Orders renderings to your storefront to enable customers to see a list of their orders, and details for a single order. The order details and lists are only visible to customers who have logged into their account.

This topic describes the renderings accessible from the Commerce Orders group in the Toolbox:

The Order History rendering and the Recent Orders rendering

You use the Order History rendering and the Recent Orders rendering to display all the orders placed by the customer. The Recent Orders rendering, on the other hand, displays only orders placed by the customer within the last 30 days. When you add either rendering to a page in the Experience Editor, it looks like this:

Both lists contain the following information for each order:

  • Order Number – the order number assigned to the order by Sitecore Commerce.

  • Status – the order's current status in the commerce system.

  • Date –the date on which the order was placed.

  • Order details icon – a link to a page with order details.

In the Experience Editor, the list contains placeholder data, and links are disabled.


For both renderings, you can configure text and tooltips on the data source item as usual, and you can define the destination of the order details link in the Control Properties dialog for the rendering.

In addition, on the Recent Orders data item, there are the following configuration options:

  • You can display or hide the Recent Orders header.

  • You can display or hide the View all orders link.

  • You can determine the maximum number of orders displayed.

The Order Header, Order Lines and Order Total renderings

In the Experience Editor, the Order Details page in the SXA Storefront template looks like this:

Order Header

The Order Header rendering contains general information about the order: the order number, date, and status. It contains placeholder data in the Experience Editor.

Order Lines

You use the Order Lines rendering to display one line per product in an order, with the following details on each line: a product image, title, unit price, discount type, quantity, and total price. In the Experience Editor, the rendering displays placeholder data.

Order Totals

You use the Order Totals rendering to display total amounts for an order. In the Experience Editor, no products are included in the order so the rendering displays 0 for all amounts.

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