Compare two versions of an item

Current version: 9.3

If you have more than one version of an item and if you are unsure about what the differences are, you can compare two versions field by field.

To compare two versions of an item:

  1. In the Content Editor or the Experience Editor, navigate to the item or page that you want to compare versions for.


    If the item has multiple language versions, make sure that you also select the relevant language for the item.

  2. In the ribbon, click the Versions tab, and in the Versions group, click Compare.

  3. In the Compare Versions dialog box, in the drop-down menus, click the version numbers that you want to compare. You can compare two versions at a time.

  4. Click One column to see the differences highlighted in the same field or click Two columns to see them side by side.

    One column

    Two column

    The Compare Versions dialog box with one column
    The Compare Versions dialog box with two columns

    The sections and fields in the Compare Versions dialog are the same that you see in the Content Editor's content area for the item. You can collapse or expand the sections as needed.

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