Publish a website

Current version: 9.3

When you are ready to publish your website, you can run the publishing wizard from the Content Editor and the Sitecore Desktop.


Do not modify the Master database while you are publishing. This can lead to items not being published correctly.

To publish the entire website:

  1. Open the Publish Site wizard from one of two locations in Sitecore:

    • From the Content Editor – on the Publish tab, in the Publish group, click the Publish drop-down arrow, and select Publish site.

      The Publish menu on the Content Editor ribbon
    • From the Sitecore Desktop – click Sitecore Start , and then click Publish site.

      The Sitecore Desktop Start menu
  2. In the Publish site wizard, specify the publishing mode for the website you are publishing:

    • Incremental Publish – publishes only items that are in the publishing queue. Every time you change an item, the item is automatically added to the publishing queue. If the changed item is part of a workflow, the item is added to the publishing queue when it reaches the final workflow state.

      Incremental Publish is the fastest way of publishing because Sitecore does not use resources to compare versions of the items that are in the publishing queue before publishing them.


      Incremental Publish is only available when you publish the entire website.

    • Smart Publish – publishes all items that have changed since the last publication. When you run a Smart publish, every item in the Master database is compared with the equivalent item in the target database and, if an item has changed, it is published.

      Comparing all items in the database makes this a time-consuming way of publishing your entire website, particularly if the content tree contains many items.

    • Republish – publishes everything. Republish overwrites every item in the target database with the equivalent item from the Master database, even if it has not changed. In this way, republishing removes all obsolete versions from the target database. You can use republishing to bring a new web database online, to restore a backup of the master database, and to add a new content language, a new publishing target, or other system items to the website.

      The Publish Site dialog box
  3. In the Publishing language section, specify the language versions that you want to publish.

  4. In the Publishing targets section, specify the publishing targets that you want to publish to.


    If you do not specify a publishing target, the website is published to all the publishing targets.

  5. Click Publish. When the publishing completes, you can see how many items were processed during publishing and the number of items created, deleted, or updated on the target database.

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