Using the Active personalized experiences list

Current version: 9.3

The Active personalized experiences list gives you an overview of all the personalized experiences that have been created on your websites. The list includes personalized experiences that have been tested and implemented, and personalized experiences that have been implemented without testing, as well as personalized experiences that are currently being tested.

You open the Active personalized experiences list from the menu panel in Experience Optimization, under Personalization.

Each row in the list represents one page with personalization. You can sort and filter the list, and you can search for a page by item name or display name.

You can see how many components on a page have personalization rules applied to them, and the total number of experiences that can be created by combining the variations of the different components.

The Best effect field displays the effect of the best experience compared to the default experience.

Viewing all the experiences for a page

To view detailed information about a page, you can click in the row. This opens the smart panel on the right, where you can see an experience card for each experience of the page.

The Active personalized experiences list.

For each experience, you can see the following information:

  • An image of the experience.

  • The effect of the experience compared to the default. The effect is calculated as the difference in percent between the trailing value/visit of the personalized experience and the default experience.


    If testing was completed within the last 30 days, the effect is calculated based on data from the test. If the test was completed more than 30 days ago, the effect is calculated based on data from personalization effect tracking.

    If there is no recent test and tracking is disabled, then the field is empty.

  • The trailing value/visit. This is the total trailing engagement value (counting only page views occurring after the visitors encountered the page being tested) divided by the number of visits exposed to the experience.

  • The number of visits to the experience during the period for which the effect is calculated.

  • The names of all personalized components on the page.

  • The combined rules for all of the personalized components in the experience.

Opening a page in the Experience Editor

You can easily access a page from the list to edit the existing personalized experiences, or create new ones. To open a page in the Experience Editor:

  • In the Active personalized experiences list, click the page name.

  • Alternatively, in the smart panel, click Edit.

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