Edit the content and layout of an email message

Current version: 10.4

After you have created an email message, you can edit the body text, add or edit components, and change the layout as required. For images to be available for inclusion in the email message, you must have uploaded them to the Media Library.

To edit the content and layout of an email campaign:

  1. In the Email Experience Manager (EXM), find and open the relevant email campaign.

  2. On the Message tab, click the body of the message. This opens the message body in edit mode.

    The Edit Body dialog box.
  3. Click an element in the Edit Body dialog box and edit the content and fields in your email message. Depending on the template that you have chosen for the email campaign, some layout and content may already be added to the message body – most of which you can still edit. Any changes that you make to the default content and layout do not affect the original template.


    You can make sure that other Sitecore users cannot make changes to the email message when you edit it. To lock the item, on the ribbon, on the Email tab, click Lock. To make the item available to other Sitecore users for editing again, click Unlock.

  4. To edit the layout of your message, click the Email tab and then:

    • To add a new component, click Component and, for the relevant location, click Add here to choose a rendering for the new component.

      Edit body dialog box showing how to choose a rendering.

      If you click a component, a toolbar appears with additional features, so you can replace or move the component.

    • To edit the presentation details of your message or chose a different layout, click Details.


      You can also make changes to your message layout from the Content Editor.

    • To change the presentation of an individual component, for example, to change the color of the text, click on some white space within the component. Then, in the Preview toolbar, click More, and select Edit component properties.


      If you do not see the Edit component properties option in the drop-down menu it is because you have selected content within the block. Try clicking somewhere else in the block.

  5. When you are finished editing the content, click Save and close.

  6. On the Message tab, in the Alternative text field, edit the default alternative text.


    The alternative text is the plain text version of the message. For example, if the recipient's email client cannot read the HTML version of the message, the alternative text is used instead. There is a default message in the field, but you can enter any text that you want, for example, the full email in plain text.

  7. Save your changes.

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