Personalize an email campaign message

Current version: 10.4

Using personalization, you can send specific messages to targeted audiences and ensure that the right content is sent to the right audience. You can create an email campaign that only displays content that each recipient has shown an interest in, content based on accumulated profile values, or the pattern card that matches the recipient the best.

Personalization is useful, for example, if you want to send a monthly newsletter to a list of subscribers that each include a special offer that is available only for the subscribers and for a limited period. You decide to increase the relevancy of these special offers to the subscribers by changing the offer in the email campaign according to the subscribers’ individual interests. To accomplish this, you personalize the component in the newsletter with the special offer so that subscribers that have previously shown an interest in beach vacations only see offers for these types of destinations, and subscribers that have shown an interest in urban vacations, only see offers for city breaks.

To personalize a component in an email campaign:

  1. Open the email campaign that you want to personalize, click the Message tab and then click the message body to open the Edit body dialog box.

  2. Click the component in the email message that you want to personalize and, on the toolbar, click Create or edit personalization for this component.

    Illustration of how to personalize a component in an email message.
  3. To add personalized content, in the Personalize the Component dialog box, click the Add Personalization Rule button and give the new condition an appropriate name.

    Personalize the Component dialog box showing how to add personalization rules.

    Sitecore evaluates the personalization rules in the order that they appear in the Personalize the Component dialog box. If the recipient does not satisfy the rule specified in a condition, Sitecore moves on to the next condition, and so on, until the recipient meets one of the conditions. The default condition is used if a recipient meets none of the other conditions.

  4. To add and edit the conditions for when you want the new personalized content and layout displayed, click Edit rule.

    This opens the Rule Set Editor, where you can specify the conditions and actions for when to display the new content, for example, when the recipient has generated a lead score of 50 or more.

  5. In the Personalize the Component dialog box, for each condition that you add, in the Content field, select the personalized content that you want displayed when the recipients fulfill the specified conditions.


    Toggle the Personalize the presentation of the component to change the presentation for each personalization.

  6. In the Delivery tab, navigate to the Personalization header, and select the check box there.

  7. When you have finished setting up the personalization rules, click OK.

  8. To preview the personalization, in the message body, click the component that you added personalization to and, on the toolbar, click Change condition and in the drop-down menu, under the Available conditions section, you can switch between the conditions that you have set up for the component.

    Use the drop-down menu under Available Conditions to switch between the conditions you have set.
  9. Save your changes.

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