Build a website with the starter kit

Welcome to this Content Hub ONE tutorial that focuses on the starter kit, a toolkit designed to help you fast track Content Hub ONE development and quickly deliver new projects. This practical hands-on tutorial will give you the confidence and knowledge to publish your own websites in no time.

The Content Hub ONE starter kit includes a pre-built content model for a recipe website, which contains the content types, taxonomies, content, and media required to build it.

recipe website

You'll learn how to extend the website and implement a new event page that displays related cooking events. As you move through this tutorial, you'll gain a better understanding of content modelling, content authoring, and media management using pre-built implementations to connect your application to Content Hub ONE; handle different field types; and use the APIs, SDKs, and CLI more effectively.


This starter kit for building a recipe website is only available in NextJS. There is another repository with examples for a wider variety of frameworks, including Astro, Svelte, and Vue. The tutorial is written for the Windows platform and uses Visual Studio Code to edit code; however, you can use the MacOS and an alternative code edit tool if you prefer.

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