To help you jumpstart Content Hub ONE development, follow these steps to setup, implement, and display a website using the components, content, and media in the starter kit.

  1. Install the NextJS starter kit and then log in and register your Content Hub ONE tenant.

  2. Set up the recipe website using the pre-built content model.

  3. Customize the starter kit by creating new content types, uploading media, and adding content using the scripts provided.

  4. Use graphQL to query Content Hub ONE data and ensure the setup was successful.

  5. Implement the event requirements based on the new content model to display an event page.

  6. Display the events page and update and display talk teasers to show new images and text for the talks.


The Discover Sitecore YouTube channel includes a video overview of the Content Hub ONE starter kit and a tutorial video about the Content Hub ONE CLI.

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