Content Hub ONE command line interface (CLI)

The Content Hub ONE command line interface (CLI) is a versatile tool that allows you to efficiently manage content types, content items, and media items within a Content Hub ONE instance, directly from the command line, and deliver the content to the front-end system of your choice. It leverages the Client SDK to communicate with your Content Hub ONE instances via the REST API. With the CLI, you can:

  • Serialize and deserialize content, for a seamless transfer of data between different Content Hub ONE instances.

  • Automate interactions with your Content Hub ONE tenant.


To use the localization features, you need version 2.0.1 and later. To see which version you have, use the ch-one-cli --version command.


All CLI-related configurations are stored in the .ch-one-cli subdirectory of the current user's directory at the path specified in the following table, depending on the operating system.

Operating system







<your volume>

After you've Installed the CLI, you can log into it using your client credentials.


For the best developer experience, we recommend you use the Visual Studio Code editor.


An overview of how to use the Content Hub ONE CLI is available on the Discover Sitecore channel.

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