Developing with Content Hub ONE

With Content Hub ONE, you create and manage content types as well as content and media items. You can then deliver the content (without the layout or presentation layer) using a series of services, API endpoints, and SDKs. Because Content Hub ONE is an API-first solution, you can then use any framework you want to take this content and build meaningful omnichannel experiences for your audience.


All data is sent and received as JSON. You can use the API tool of your choice with the Content Hub ONE APIs.


To see the JSON structure of a content type, content item, media item, or taxonomy, open its details page and then, in the upper-right corner, click More actions > JSON preview.

Content Hub ONE is integrated into Sitecore Experience Edge, which is a Sitecore-hosted platform that lets you publish your content and expose it through APIs. You can then query and deliver content and media using the Preview and Delivery APIs. You can also use the Content Management API to create, manage, and deliver content and media. Content Hub ONE also includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Overview of the elements that make up Content Hub ONE

Content Hub ONE development encompasses the following:

  • Delivery API and Preview API - these GraphQL APIs provide the functionality required to deliver content for consumption by the apps you develop. The Preview API lets you see uncached, in-progress content in a staging or test environment allowing you to see content updates quickly. The Delivery API is optimized for delivery and scale, handling published content in a production environment and using caching.

  • Content Management API - this REST API lets you create and manage content types, content items, as well as media items.

  • Content Hub ONE SDK - this SDK provides a unified set of APIs and tools that you can use to develop apps.

  • Content Hub ONE CLI - this CLI lets you deliver content and media from a Content Hub ONE instance to other systems through the SDK and APIs.


An overview of Content Hub ONE is available on the Discover Sitecore channel. To help get you started, Sitecore has starter kits that you can access from the Sitecore Github account. For an overview of how to use the starter kit, see Content Hub ONE - Developing using the NextJS Starter Kit.

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