Content Hub ONE architecture

The following diagram shows how content and media flows through the elements of the Content Hub ONE system.

Overview diagram of the Content Hub ONE system

The elements of the Content Hub ONE system include:

  • Content Hub ONE itself, which lets you create and manage content and media.

  • Media Management System, which provides the storage, processing, transformation, and delivery of media.

  • Delivery Edge is part of Experience Edge, which is a content delivery network (CDN) from which content and media is retrieved and to which content and media is published.

Media management system

As shown in the following diagram, the media management system includes the Media Upload API, the Media Upload Service, the Media Delivery API, and the Media Delivery Service:

Meida management system overview diagram

After you upload assets and create media items that reference them, you can use the Content Management API to perform various actions on them. You can also transform assets (images, photos, or artwork) by manipulating the image URL parameters or through the Preview and Delivery APIs.

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