Working with Content Hub ONE

With Content Hub ONE you can quickly build and deliver content of any type, for any channel. Business users can manage content using a simple modern interface, while developers can make use of comprehensive APIs and SDKs.

Content Hub ONE is used by the following types of user:

  • Business users, including:

    • Content modelers, who build and maintain the content model. This consists of various content types, their structure, and the relationships between them.

    • Content authors (or marketers), who create content and then publish it so that it is available for other systems and other channels.

  • Developers, who use the Content Hub ONE APIs and SDK to manage content types, content items, and media items. They can also use the GraphQL APIs to deliver content.

Sitecore Cloud Portal

The Content Hub ONE journey begins in the Sitecore Cloud portal where you select the Content Hub ONE instance you want to use in the Apps section. Then, for your particular instance, start on the Home page, where you can access the following menu items:

Home page

The Home page provides a central location for Content Hub ONE resources, including links to relevant documentation.

If you are a team member in multiple organizations, click Open Switcher Switch icon. in the upper left corner and select the organization you want to switch to. If you have been assigned an Admin role, click Invite team member to invite someone to join your organization.


What you see on the menu bar of the Home page depends on the role you have been assigned. If you have an Admin role, you manage Content Hub ONE through the Sitecore Cloud portal.

Content Hub ONE Home page.

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