Initialize your working folder

Before you use the CLI, initialize your working folder so that IntelliSense is supported in Visual Studio Code. Your working folder can be any folder you select.

Before you begin

To initialize your working folder:

  • Run the following command:

    // [!code word:<YOUR_FOLDER_PATH>] 
    ch-cli serialization initialize -f <YOUR_FOLDER_PATH> 

You do not have to specify a working folder. If not indicated, the current folder is used as the working folder.

Initializing the folder adds several files to your working folder, depending on the version of the Content Hub instance you are connected to.

The following list shows a typical set of files.


[working folder]
├── omnisharp.json
├── references.json
├── lib
  ├── Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  ├── Remotion.Linq.dll
  ├── Stylelabs.M.Scripting.Types.dll
  ├── Stylelabs.M.Sdk.dll
  ├── Stylelabs.M.Sdk.Fluent.dll
  ├── Stylelabs.M.Sdk.ScriptClient.dll
  └── Stylelabs.Scripting.dll
├── references
  ├── Action.csx
  ├── Base.csx
  ├── MediaProcessing.csx
  ├── Shared.csx
  ├── UserPostRegistration.csx
  ├── UserPreRegistration.csx
  ├── UserSignIn.csx 

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