In the Global Resources section of the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), the Notifications page lists all notifications that you subscribed to in your user account.

Notifications are brief messages that you receive to draw your attention to the state of your implementation. In your user account, you can choose to subscribe to a variety of notifications and to receive them in your preferred mode or medium.

You can browse all notifications in the list pane. By default, the list is sorted from the most recent occurrence to oldest occurrence. Every notification displays the following:

  • Name and icon of the entity that triggered the notification

  • Type

  • Severity

  • Date and time of the first and last notification

  • Status

The rest of this topic describes the various elements of a notification.


There are four sources of notifications. Each covers a different aspect of your implementation. The following table lists the sources:

Notification type


Business metric

Events or actions that impact your revenues, orders, business objectives, or the bottom line you want.

Operational Metric

Events or actions that reflect the state of your implementation.

Data Processing

Events or actions that arise during any type of data feed run.


Events or actions related to modifications or disruptions due to any configuration in the system.


When you receive a notification, you can assess the need for action by its severity level. The following table lists the levels:

Severity level



Requires immediate attention or action.


Might require attention or action.


No action required. This is purely informational.


Notifications are triggered by a variety of events. The status of a notification reflects the actions taken to resolve or respond to the event. The following table lists the different assigned statuses:



Pending resolution

Triggering event is not resolved.


Someone has responded to and resolved the triggering event.


No action is or was required. This is purely informational.

Status and occurrences

When a notification that requires action is issued, its status is set to Pending Resolution. You continue to receive the same notification until someone resolves the triggering issue or the issue resolves itself.

Occurrence refers to the date and time of a notification's issue. Every notification reports on its history by displaying information about its first and last occurrence, as described in the following table:




Refers to the date and time when the notification was first issued.


Refers to the most recent date and time when a notification was reissued.


First and last occurrences are always identical when the notification:

  • Appears for the first time.

  • Does not require immediate or future action.

  • Is informational.

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