Sitecore Personalize

Access the latest documentation for Personalize, the next generation experimentation and personalization platform powered by real-time data, intelligent decisioning, and A/B testing and optimization.

What's new

Learn about new business features and enhancements in Sitecore Personalize user documentation. If you're a developer, read about updates to Sitecore Personalize APIs and the Sitecore Engage SDK in Personalize developer documentation.

Personalize user documentation

Create experiments

Create goal-driven A/B testing and optimization with context-aware personalization.

Personalize digital experiences

Create customized offers, feedback widgets, or operational messages over any channel.

Power decisioning

Create decision strategies using a flexible drag-and-drop canvas.

Use the Developer Center to create templates

Create templates for web experiments or experiences, offers, and decisions, eliminating the need for business users to write or edit code.

Analyze experiment performance

View analytics dashboards to understand experiment performance and make data-driven decisions.

Identify variant winners

View experiment performance against business goals and quickly identify winning variants.

Personalize developer documentation

Integrate with Sitecore Personalize

Send data to Sitecore Personalize using code samples and guides for the Sitecore Engage SDK.

Run experiments and experiences

Programmatically run experiments and experiences with the REST API.

Send events in real-time

Send events from any web-based app for use in experiments, analytics, and decisioning through the Stream API.