Monitor the index rebuild process

Current version: 10.1

The index rebuild process can take a long time, and it does not let you know how far it has progressed. However, you can monitor the state of an active rebuild process with a PowerShell command.

To monitor the index rebuild process:

  1. Go to the <xConnect role root>\App_Data\job\continuous\IndexWorker\ folder.

  2. Run the Sitecore.XConnectSearchIndexer.exe -RebuildMonitor command. You can also use the shorter -rm argument.

The command continuously outputs the following three items of information in real time:


The current rebuild stage.

Stage progress

The current stage completion from 0 to 100 percent.

Total progress

The total progress completion from 0 to 100 percent.


The format of the command output might vary depending on the console output stream redirection. If the output is redirected to a file, the output appears as a log of records.

The rebuild stage can have one of several values:


No index rebuild is requested or running.


The index rebuild is requested but has not started yet.


The index rebuild is in the preparation stage.


The existing xDB collection data is being extracted and re-indexed.


Data added during the previous stage is being indexed.


The post-rebuild steps are being performed.


The index rebuild activities have finished.


The default Sitecore logging level is set to Information, which includes the index rebuild progress in the log. You can change the log level in the <xConnect role root>\App_Data\Config\Sitecore\CoreServices\sc.Serilog.xml file.

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