Calculating a sellable item variation list price

Current version: 10.2

The sellable item variation list price is calculated in the ICalculateSellableItemPricePipeline plugin (CalculateVariationsListPrice).

Normally a variation inherits the parent item's ListPrice and only needs to specify its own pricing if it is different than the parent. These messages are added into the SellableItem variation level.

The following messages are generated when calculating variation list price:



Variation.ListPrice<=Variation.PricePolicy: Variation={variation.Id}|Price={listPrice.AsCurrency()}

The variation has a ListPricingPolicy and that policy has an entry for the desired currency.

Variation.ListPrice<=Item.PricingPolicy: Variation={variation.Id}|Price={listPrice.AsCurrency()}

No variation-specific ListPricingPolicy; the ListPricingPolicy is retrieved from the parent item.


If the variation does not have a ListPricingPolicy and the parent sellableItem does, the parent sellableItem’s ListPricingPolicy is used.

Variation.ListPrice<=Variation.SellPrice: Price={Variation.SellPrice}|Variation={variationid}

The variation does not have a ListPrice but has a SellPrice, so the SellPrice is copied to the ListPrice.

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