Calculating a sellable item variation sell price

Current version: 10.2

The sellable item variation sell price is calculated in the ICalculateSellableItemSellPricePipeline plugin (CalculateVariationsSellPrice).

Variation sell price messages appear in a MessageComponent at the variation level. The SellPrice is created in the variation as a PurchaseOptionMoneyPolicy at the variant level. There must be no PurchaseOptionMoneyPolicy at the variant level if the variant has the same sell price as the parent SellableItem.

The following messages are generated when calculating the variation sell price:



Variation.SellPrice<=Variation.PriceCard.Snapshot: Price={variationSellPrice.AsCurrency()}|Qty={tier.Quantity}|Variation={variation.Id}|PriceCard={variationPriceCardPolicy.PriceCardName}

The variation has a PriceCardPolicy, or if not present, uses the parent calculated PriceCardPolicy.

Variation.SellPrice<=Variation.Tags.Snapshot: Price={variationSellPrice.AsCurrency()}|Variation={variation.Id}|Qty={tier.Quantity}|Tags='{string.Join(", ", snapshot.Tags.Select(c => c.Name))}'

The variation has no PriceCardPolicy but has tags, or the parent SellableItem has tags.

Variation.SellPrice<=Variation.ListPrice: Price={ListPrice}|Variation={variationid}

The variation does not have a SellPrice but has a ListPrice, so the ListPrice is copied to the SellPrice.

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