Commerce Service API

Current version: 10.2

Sitecore XC is designed to interact with other external entities as part of ongoing operations. The Commerce Service API supports the execution of Commerce commands through the service endpoint.

Commands are request/response oriented, and can be short-running or long-running. Long running commands return a token that can be used to check the status of a command. Commands can be added through a Commerce plugin.

The Commerce Service API is further segregated into role-oriented APIs to allow targeting of specific entities, actions, and responses for specific business role needs.

The following table describes role-oriented APIs within the Service API:

Service API


CommerceAuthoring API

Exposes artifacts and methods targeted toward business user experiences, for creating and updating content to be published.

CommerceShops API

Exposes artifacts and methods targeted toward supporting an online shopping experience, such as a web storefront.

CommerceOps API

Exposes artifacts and methods targeted toward a DevOps role in managing a Sitecore XC implementation. This includes methods to create and manage environments and global policies.

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