Service plugins

Current version: 10.3

You can extend the xConnect service by implementing a xConnect service plugin. Within the context of a plugin, you can hook into the following events raised by xConnect:

  • Batch executed

  • Batch executing

  • Batch execution failed

  • Operation added

  • Operation completed

  • Operation executing

Examples of built-in plugins include:

  • The XdbContextLoggingPlugin, which logs failed batches and operations.

  • The ContactProcessingPlugin, which adds contacts to the processing pool.

  • The InteractionProcessingPlugin, which adds interactions to the processing pool.

  • The XdbContactEventWatcher, which adds events to the automation processing pool.

  • Merge handlers and calculated facet handlers.

  • The default IXConnectServicePlugin, which provides logic for the service layer’s event handlers - such as the right to be forgotten.

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