Delete obsolete blobs

Current version: 9.0

The Web database can grow significantly if you have a lot of blobs (Binary Large Objects). This can make disk space run out and users will see errors. You can delete obsolete blobs either by running a manual task regularly or by configuring a scheduled task.


When disk space has run out, the admin page you use to delete obsolete blobs will not function properly. Therefore, we recommend that you delete obsolete blobs regularly and before problems begin to occur.

To delete obsolete tasks:

  1. As an administrator, open the Control Panel in the Launchpad.

  2. In the Control Panel, open the Administration Tools, then open the Database Cleanup tool.

  3. Select the web database checkbox, and the Cleanup Blobs task checkbox:

    The Database Cleanup tool.
  4. Click Execute Cleanup. Sitecore shows information about the task in the Status field:

    Status message from the Disk Cleanup tool.

If you already have problems and the administration page times out, patch the sitecore.config file to increase the value of the DefaultSQLTimeout setting from the default value: <setting name="DefaultSQLTimeout" value="00:05:00" /> Set it back to the default value after you have removed the blobs.

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