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Disable the robot detection component on a Content Management server


How to disable robot detection on a Sitecore Content Management role. This is easily overlooked during manual configuration.

Applies to

Content Management


Robot detection is disabled by default in the Content Management WDP in the XM topology. Robot detection is enabled by default in the Content Management WDP in the XP topology.

Robot detection filters out unwanted interactions from automated browsers and robots so the system only registers genuine contact.

By default Sitecore enables the robot detection component. However, it is not required on a CM role and leaving it enabled might cause errors.

To disable the robot detection component on a CM role:

  1. Navigate to your website root folder and open the Web.config file.

  2. In the Web.config file, navigate to the system.webServer/modules section, and delete the following node:

    <add type="Sitecore.Analytics.RobotDetection.Media.MediaRequestSessionModule,
    Sitecore.Analytics.RobotDetection" name="MediaRequestSessionModule"/>
  3. Save your changes.


When you disable the robot detection component, xDB reverts to its default logic where contacts are classified as human if they request more than one page during a visit or if they make a request to download a media item.