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Edit an image field in Content


Add an image to a content item from your computer, the media library, or your digital asset manager.

To add or replace an image in an image field in Content, you can:

  • Upload an image from your computer.

  • Select an image from the media library.

  • Select an image from your digital asset manager (DAM), if you have one integrated with Horizon.

Screenshot of an image field in Content

You can also add an Alt text to your image to improve the digital accessibility of your content.

Upload an image from your computer

You can upload an image from your computer to the media library and add the image to the image field at the same time.

To upload an image and add it to an image field:

  • Drag and drop a file into the image field.

  • Alternatively, in the image field, click Upload new to browse or search for an image file on your computer. Select the file and then click Open.

Select an image from the media library or DAM

To select an image from the media library or DAM:

  1. In the image field, click Browse library.

  2. In the Add an image dialog, click the appropriate tab for the media library or DAM.

  3. Navigate to the image you want to display in the field.

    Screenshot of the Add an image dialog when browsing a media library

    To locate the image in the media library, you can navigate through the content tree in the dialog, or you can search for the image by name. When you type in the Search field, the dialog displays all images that have the search string as a part of their name, and are in the current folder or one of its subfolders.

    If you have a digital asset manager (DAM) integrated with Horizon, you can use the DAM's functionality to search or edit images.

  4. Select the image and click Add selected.