The online channel groups and their channels

Current version: 10.0

When you view how contacts interact with your website, it can be helpful to track the channels that your contacts use to come to your website. This can give you more insight into how contacts interact with your brand, which channels bring the most traffic to your campaigns, and which channels lead to the best goal conversion rates.

Sitecore comes with a number of pre-defined channel groups and channels. You can also create new channel groups and channels. You can find the channels in the Marketing Control Panel.

Online Channel Group


Organic Search

Search organic branded

Search organic non-branded

Search not provided (Home page)

Search not provided (not home page)

Paid search advertising

Bing ads

Google ad

LinkedIn ad

YouTube ad

Other ad

Display Advertising



Google Display Network

Other Display


PR Referrals

Affiliate Referrals

Partner Referrals


Other Referrals

Email Campaigns

Email Newsletter

Email Marketing

Email Notifications

Email Purchased List

Emails Sent

Other Email

SMS Campaigns

SMS Marketing

SMS Notifications

SMS Sent

Other SMS

Automation Programs

Email Automation

SMS Automation

Other Automation


App Store Activity

App Push

App Usage

Other Apps

Social Mentions



Other Social Mentions

Social Community

Google Plus Social Community

YouTube Social Community

LinkedIn Social Community

Facebook Social Community

Twitter Social Community

Other Social Community

Social Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn Sponsored Posts

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Twitter Sponsored Posts

Other Sponsored Posts

Digital Events

Webinar Live

Webinar Recorded

Other Digital Events

3rd Party

Virtual Events

Email Inclusion

Other 3rd Party Pay-Per-Lead

Other 3rd Party

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