Using the Experience Optimization leaderboard

Current version: 10.0

The Experience Optimization leaderboard is a tab in the Experience Optimization dashboard. The leaderboard shows a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) for content testing.

What different roles can see in the leaderboard

What you can see in the leaderboard depends on the role that the administrator has assigned to you.


You need to have the Analytics Testing, Analytics Advanced Testing, or the Analytics Management Reporting role to see the Experience Optimization application at all.

If you have the Analytics Testing or Analytics Advanced Testing role, you can see:

  • Overview of current content testing activity

  • Leaderboards

If you have the Analytics Management Reporting role, you can see:

  • Overall performance for the current month compared with the previous month

  • Leaderboards

Some things are unique for the roles, and some are common for all roles (but display different data, depending on the role.)

Overall performance

Overall Performance shows the combined performance changes between the current month and the previous month for all content authors.

  • Score – calculated as the product of the effect and number of visits in a month

  • Guessing – the percentage of correct guesses about the outcome of tests

  • Effect – the difference between the trailing values of the best non-original experience and the original experience

  • Activity – the number of tests run

Experience Optimization shows the changes between the two months as percentages.


The front page of the dashboard shows a number of leaderboards. The dashboard shows each leaderboard twice: one version with data from the current month and another with data from the previous month. They show users that have started tests ranked by a number of measures (KPIs.)

The leaderboards show the scores as bar charts, and these bar charts are normalized.

The leaderboards are:

  • The main leaderboard – shows a combined score, and scores for guessing, effect, and activity. It sorts users by their test score. Overall Performance describes how these scores are calculated

  • Best Guessing – shows scores for guessing

  • Highest Effect – shows scores for effect

  • Most Active – shows who has created most tests

Depending on your role you see these leaderboards differently.

Users with the Analytics Testing or Analytics Advanced Testing roles:

  • See their own score as well as the scores of the users ranked just above and just below them. If users have no data for a specific KPI, they will see a "no data" message.

Users with the Analytics Management Reporting role:

  • See the top scores and the average score.

  • Can click View full list for each leaderboard and see more data:

  • See the average score as well as the scores of all users.

  • Can move the period that is shown back and forth in time with the Previous and Next buttons.

  • Can change the "time resolution"

The views you get to after clicking View full list are reports, and you can get to these reports in the Leaderboard group in the Reports menu.

Current activity

Current Activity shows the recent activity of a content author. This is what content authors see at the top of the dashboard when they open the Experience Optimization application:

  • The number of tests started this day (by all users)

  • The number of tests currently running

  • The number of visitors that were exposed to tests this day (this is not the same as the total number of visitors: the percentage of visitors exposed to the test can be set for each test.)

  • The overall outcome of tests that ended this day.

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