Current version: 10.2

Sitecore XC Business Tools support product bundling, providing potential for increased average order value or to implement other merchandising and marketing strategies. Bundling gives you the ability to group multiple products and/or services into a bundle that you can then manage and sell as a distinct product, with its own stock keeping unit (SKU).  

You manage bundles using the Merchandising dashboard, in a similar way to how you manage other sellable items. Just like any other sellable items, bundles must be associated to at least one catalog or category or subcategory. You can apply promotions to bundles or create relationships between bundles and other sellable items for cross-sells and upsells, like you do for other non-bundled sellable items.

Sellable item relationships are not versioned. The exception to this is the bundle to constituent item relationships, which are versioned and can be different with each version.


Requests for merchandise return authorization (MRA) for sellable items that are sold as part of a product bundle are not supported.

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