Walkthrough: Creating a static bundle

Current version: 10.2

This topic walks you through the steps required to create a product bundle to implement a merchandising strategy where you group three products into a bundle that you sell at a discounted price.

This example uses the Sitecore SXA Storefront and the sample Habitat catalog. In this scenario, you create the Habitat Entry-level Gaming Bundle with a bundle list price of 699.00 USD.

The static bundle will be composed of the following items:

  • Sellable itemHabitat NextCube-V Special Edition Game Cube Console 500 GB

    Quantity: 1

  • Sellable item: NextCube Wireless Controllers

    Quantity: 2


    In the Habitat catalog, this item is available in seven colors. Each color is defined as a product variant. To make the item available in all colors, you must add the main product to the bundle (as opposed to selecting one of its variants).

    To include only one specific color variant as part of the bundle, select that specific variant to add to the bundle.

This walkthrough describes how to:

Create a static bundle

To create the static bundle:

  1. In Sitecore XC Business Tools, in the Merchandising dashboard, in the Catalogs section, select the Habitat_Master catalog.

  2. In the Habitat_Master catalog details page, in the Sellable items section, in the drop-down menu, click Add Bundle.

  3. In the Add Bundle dialog box, in the Bundle Type drop-down list, click Static and then click the check mark to confirm your selection.

  4. Enter bundle information in the following mandatory fields (all the other fields are optional):




    Product id


    The unique identifier for product.  



    The internal name for the bundle. 

    Display name

    Habitat Entry-level gaming bundle

    The product name as displayed on the Sitecore SXA Storefront. 

  5. To confirm your changes, click the check mark.  The new bundle is listed in the Sellable Items section of the catalog details page.

  6. In the Sellable Items section, click the newly created bundle name (MyFirstBundle) and, to associate an item to the bundle, in the bundle details page, in the Sellable Item section, click Associate.

  7. In the Associate Sellable Item dialog box, in the Sellable Item field, enter the product ID 6042431.  The search result displays the corresponding sellable item.

  8. In the search results, select the item Habitat NextCube-V Game Cube 500GB and in the Quantity field, enter 1 and click the check mark to confirm. The item is added to the bundle.

    Repeat this step to add the remaining item to the bundle using the item's product ID:

    • Product ID: 6042433 (Habitat NextCube-Wireless Game Controller)

      Quantity: 2

Assign a list price to a static bundle

After you have created the static bundle, you can assign a list price to it.  Alternatively, you can use a price card.

To add a list price to the bundle:

  1. In the Habitat NextCube-V Entry-level Gaming Bundle, bundle, in the List Pricing section, click Add

  2. In the Add List Price dialog box, leave the currency in its default value (USD) and in the List Price field, enter the bundle price, for example, 699.00.

  3. Click the check mark to confirm your changes.

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