Personalization suggestions

Current version: 10.2

When you run a component test, Sitecore collects data to find out which experience gives the best result based on the test objective that you have chosen. Sitecore selects the experience that has the best overall result as the winner. However, there may be segments of your target group that respond better to another experience. To help you optimize the experience for different segments, Sitecore uses the Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning engine to process the data gathered during component tests to suggest new personalization rules that you can choose to apply.

You can apply personalization suggestions from the Test Summary dialog box right after a component test finishes. 

You can view and apply unapplied suggestions for the current page in the Experience Editor in the Personalization suggestions window.

You can view and apply unapplied suggestions for all pages in your Sitecore instance from Experience Optimization

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