The Personalized experience dialog box

Current version: 10.2

The Personalized experience dialog box shows statistics for personalization rules that are implemented on the current page as well as statistics for personalization rules that are being tested on the page.

To open the dialog, in the Experience Editor, on the Optimization tab, click Personalization. Sitecore only enables the Personalization button when there are personalization rules on the page.

The Personalized experience dialog box.

Left-hand pane

The left-hand pane shows the following:

  • Summary of rules on the page – a summary of the number of rules and components on the page (for example, 2 personalization rules in 1 component on this page).

  • Relative effect of each rule on a component – a list of all rules, grouped by component (for example, the Promo with image and SmallStickyNote components).

    The graphs show the relative effect, or effect index, of each rule:

    • The default condition is assigned index 0%.

    • The condition with the largest absolute trailing value/visit is assigned either index minus 100% or index 100%, depending on whether the condition's trailing value is greater or less than the trailing value of the default condition.

    • Other conditions are shown relative to these values.

    • If a condition has a greater trailing value/visit than the default condition, the bar is green.

    • If the condition has a lower trailing value/visit than the default condition, the bar is red.

If a personalization rule is not included in an active test, you can edit the rule directly from the dialog box by selecting the rule and clicking Edit personalization. This button is disabled if the rule is in an active test.

Middle pane

The middle pane shows the following:

  • Page preview – a preview of the page as it looks when the currently selected rule is in effect. The relevant component is highlighted. The other components show their default content.

  • Name and description – the name and description of the currently selected rule.

  • Trailing value/visit – the trailing value/visit of the currently selected rule, which is calculated as the total trailing engagement value, counting only page views occurring after the visitors encountered the page being tested, divided by the number of site visits.

    The dialog shows the value for the personalized and not personalized variations of the component. The Personalized field contains the trailing value/visit for visitors who were exposed to the personalized version of the component. The Not Personalized field contains the trailing value/visit for visitors who fulfilled the condition for the rule, but were exposed to default content.

    For the Default condition, there is no personalized trailing value/visit and therefore no effect. The corresponding fields contain no value and display :

    The trailing value/visit KPIs for the default condition show two dashes to indicate it is not relevant.
  • Effect – the difference in percent between the trailing value/visit (TVV) of the personalized experience and the default experience. The formula is as follows:

    Effect = ((TVV Personalized - TVV Not Personalized) / TVV Not Personalized) x 100

  • Impressions – the number of visits where the page was shown and the currently selected condition was met. The bar shows the percentage of all visits to the page that this number represents.


    Impressions includes visits that meet the condition but where the default experience is shown.

    The formula for Impressions % is as follows:

    Impressions % = (Visits that match the condition and view the page/All visits that view the page) x 100


If a personalization rule is not in an active test but has been tested previously:

  • During the first 30 days after the test, all Key Performance Indicators (such as Trailing value/visit, Effect and Impression) are based on the data from the test.

  • More than 30 days after the test, the KPIs are based on data from personalization effect tracking. (If tracking is disabled, the fields display .)

If the rule has never been tested, KPIs are based on personalization effect tracking data.

Right-hand pane

The right-hand pane shows the following:

The Top Goals Converted tab contains two tables that show the conversion rates for:

  • The selected personalized experience.

  • The non-personalized experience when it is viewed by visitors who meet the personalization rule.

The columns in the tables display the following values:

  • Goal – the name of the goal that the values on the row apply to.

  • Conversions - the number of times that the goal was achieved after a user visited the page. The Personalized table shows conversions for visits to the personalized page. The Non-Personalized table shows conversions for visits to the non-personalized experience by visitors who meet the personalization rule.

  • Rate – the number of conversions as a percentage of all visits that viewed the selected experience. The formula for Rate is as follows:

    Rate % = (Conversions / Visits) * 100

  • Change – the difference between the personalized and non-personalized rate, as a percentage of the non-personalized rate. The formula for Change is as follows:

    Change = ((Rate personalized – Rate non-personalized)/Rate non-personalized) * 100

    If the non-personalized rate = 0 (that is, there are no conversions for the non-personalized experience), then the Change field in the Personalized table displays .

    In the Non-personalized table, Change is not relevant, and the field always displays .

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