Create a different language version of a Sitecore Form

Current version: 10.3

In Sitecore Forms, you can create versions of your forms in multiple languages so that your contacts can read the form in their preferred language.


To create the form in multiple languages, the relevant languages must be available in your Sitecore solution. Contact your Sitecore administrator if the language you need is not available.

To create a different language version of a form:

  1. On the Forms dashboard, open the form that you want to create a new language version for.


    If you start with a new form, we recommend that you first save the form in the default language. Otherwise, finding the form may be difficult as the Forms dashboard only lists the forms in the default language.

  2. From the Languages drop-down menu, click the language that you want.

    Language drop-down menu.
  3. On the General tab in the Form elements pane to , enter the translated text for the fields in the form.

    Enter the translations.
  4. Save the form. The form is now available in both the default language version and the translated version.

    Form created in language.

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