Overview of the Sitecore Launchpad

Current version: 10.3

The Sitecore Launchpad is the central location for accessing all Sitecore functionality. You access the Launchpad by clicking the icon in the top left of the application window.


The features and functions you see on the Sitecore Launchpad depend on the roles and permissions you have been assigned.

The Sitecore Launchpad is divided into five areas along with the Custom Analytics dashboard. For information about configuring the dashboard to show specific graphics, see Configuring Experience Analytics reports.


From the Commerce area, you access the Commerce Business Tools, which provides all the functionality you need to manage catalogs and sellable items (products), inventory, orders, promotions, and pricing. It is also from the Business Tools that you can update and manage customer accounts and information.

Marketing Applications

The Marketing Applications area contains the features and functions that you require for digital marketing. This includes:

Content Editing

The Content Editing area contains all the features and functions that you require for content authoring including the Content Editor, the Experience Editor, and the Media Library. You can also access PowerShell features.

Control Panel

The Control Panel area contains the Control Panel, which encompasses all personal settings, such as password and regional settings, administration tools, database functions, report features as well as security, indexing, and analytics. You can also access the Sitecore Desktop.

Access Management

The Access Management section contains security tools that allow you to manage users, security, domains, and roles.

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