Explore mode

Current version: 10.3

In Explore mode, you can simulate visits to your website to see how different personas interact with Experience Marketing features as they navigate through your website. This enables you to test your digital marketing strategy, using a variety of different visitor personas (presets) and preset modes that trigger different elements of xMarketing functionality.

You start Explore mode by clicking Explore on the Experience Editor toolbar.

The Explore icon in the Mode group on the Home tab of the Experience Editor toolbar.

In Explore mode you can:

  • Use presets to simulate a journey through your website that collects engagement value points, converts goals, and triggers other xMarketing functionality.

  • Test your profiling strategy, personalization, and other digital marketing functionality.

  • Test goals and other events that you want to trigger on your website.

  • Test the effectiveness of individual pages and identify potentially underperforming pages.


Explore mode is designed to let you test the xMarketing functionality on your website. You cannot create or configure xMarketing functionality in Explore mode – you must do this in the Marketing Control Panel or in the Experience Editor.

To benefit from simulating the experience on your website in Explore mode, you should spend some time evaluating and assessing the xMarketing features that you have implemented on your website.

The first time you use Explore mode, you should keep your profiling strategy as simple as possible.

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