Move an item to the next workflow state

Current version: 9.3

An item that is subject to a workflow, must go through all the workflow states before you can publish it. When you create a new item, it is automatically placed in the initial workflow state. The item remains in the initial workflow state until you use a workflow command to move it to the next workflow state.


An administrator can overwrite any of these workflow states and move an item through the states or publish the item at any given time.

If you edit an existing item that is in a workflow, Sitecore creates a new version of the item and places it in the initial workflow state. If you edit this item again later, you edit the version that is in the workflow unless you specify that you want to edit another version.

Edit an item and move it to the next workflow state

To send a content item to the next workflow state:

  1. In the Content Editor or the Experience Editor, navigate to the relevant item or page.


    Depending on the setup of your installation, you may be prompted to lock the item before you can edit the item or change its workflow status.

  2. Edit the item and save your changes.

  3. If the item is in a workflow, you can see the available workflow commands:

    • In the Content Editor, on the Review tab, in the Workflow group.

    • In the Experience Editor, in the notification bar.

    In the following example, the workflow command Submit is displayed, and therefore this is the only workflow command that you can apply to this item in its current workflow state.

    The Content Editor

    The Submit button on the Review tab

    The Experience Editor

    The Submit link in the notification bar
  4. Click the relevant workflow command to send the item to the next workflow state.

  5. In the dialog box that appears, you can enter a comment about the page you have edited, and click OK.

    The item is now in the next workflow state and new workflow commands are available in the notification bar. If you do not have permission to edit the item in the current workflow state, you cannot lock the item for editing and the workflow commands are not displayed.

    The Content Editor

    The Approve and Reject button on the Review tab

    The Experience Editor

    The Approve with Test, Approve, and Reject links in the notification bar

To get an overview of all the items that are currently in workflows, you can open Workbox.

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