A plugin is a library that extends the CLI with additional commands. Plugins are automatically registered when the application starts, if they are located in either of the following:

  • A plugins folder within the application directory, alongside the binary.

    -- <parent directory>
      |-- copyrights
      |-- plugins
      |  |-- <see directory structure below> 
      |-- ch-one-cli(.exe)
  • A plugins folder within the configuration directory in the user profile.


You can specify search paths by using the environment variable SC_CH_ONE_CLI_CONFIGURATION_PATH. If you want to use more than one path, separate them using ; or ,.

The file structure within a search directory includes a separate folder for each plugin:


-- plugins
  |-- Sitecore.ContentHubOne.Cli.Plugin.Delivery
  |  |-- Sitecore.ContentHubOne.Cli.Plugin.Delivery.dll
  |-- Sitecore.ContentHubOne.Cli.Plugin.Serialization
  |  |-- Sitecore.ContentHubOne.Cli.Plugin.Serialization.dll
  |-- <your plugin directory> 
    |-- <plugin main assembly>.dll
    |-- <optional: plugin dependencies>

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