Delivery API

The Delivery API is a GraphQL endpoint that exposes approved and published content. Use this API for all production-related actions.

Base URL

The base URL for the Delivery API is:


If you're using a sandbox, the base URL is:


Delivery IDE



The Delivery API exposes a single endpoint:


HTTP Verb 



The API key you use to authenticate with the Delivery API can be added to the HTTP HEADERS tab of your Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Use the following format, but replace the sample value with your own unique key:


Get Delivery API data

To get the Delivery API data:

  1. On the menu bar, click cog icon Manage.

  2. On the Manage page, click Settings.

  3. On the Settings page, click PublishingSettings.

  4. On the PublishingSettings details page, click Delivery API data.

  5. In the Delivery API data dialog, you can copy the contents of any fields you want, such as Delivery URL, Authority URL, OAuth audience, Client ID, or Client secret. These credentials let you access the Delivery API directly.

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