Script telemetry

Understanding which scripts are being executed in a large implementation is complex. Developers need insight into what caused scripts to run, how long they took, and what entities they impacted.

To see an overview of the scripts:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Scripts.

The Scripts page includes quick display boxes to help you understand the script telemetry. The display boxes show the following details:

  • Most run scripts - listing the top two most run scripts.

  • Longest running scripts - listing the top two longest-running scripts.

scripts page showing scripts that have run in content hub

There is an expected loss in data beyond a certain limit; the default value is 1000 entries. Suppose a script has been run more than 3000 times. In that case, telemetry does not display the correct numbers because of expected data loss due to how many telemetry data entries can be stored in the cache.


The Reporting tab shows a summary report for all scripts. The summary has the following columns for each script:

  • Script Name

  • Script Type

  • Total times executed

  • Total time spent executing script

  • Average execution time

  • Slowest time

  • Fastest time

A colored indicator shows the execution time of each of the scripts listed on the page:

  • Red: script execution time longer than 3000ms.

  • Yellow: script execution time between 500ms and 3000ms.

  • Green: script execution time below 500ms.

Clicking on a script displays a JSON form, which contains the telemetry details of the script showing:

  • total_execution_count

  • average_execution_time

  • total_execution_time

  • fastest_execution_time

  • slowest_execution_time

  • total_error_count

  • threshold

  • script_name

  • script_id

  • script_type

Scripts page reporting tabs showing script details


On the Reporting tab, Actions actions icon offers the option to:

  • Save search - saves the current text search, so it can be reused from the Manage saved search option.

  • Manage saved search - displays the previously saved search.

  • Download - the download option is disabled because the report can be downloaded from the Scripts details page.

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